About Us

Misstic is a young and innovative Taiwan based company that provides high-quality and best in class hair curling products. We are customer-centric company that is committed to offering world-class hair curlers to its fashion and style oriented customers all over the world, with a growing following in the US.

Our Flagship Product

Automatic Hair Curler 2 in 1

An automatic curler and straightening iron. Two in one. No compromises.
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Thousands of happy customers

We are one of the best selling independent brands in the world.
Quality control, state of the art materials and unparalleled customer support. We have thousands of happy customers! Over 60,000 units sold (and counting) ...
Why Us?

At Misstic we understand that your hair style is not just a fashion decision but a way to show your individual personality. This is precisely why we design excellent quality hair curling iron rods to meet your hair styling requirements in an easy and effective way.

Here’s what sets our brands apart from other hair curling rods:
  • We use superior grade iron and materials to manufacture our products.
  • Our products undergo very strict quality control before being sold or marketed.
  • Great customer support is one of our company priorities - we want you to like our products and tell your friends about us. We will make sure you will have a great experience.

Contact Us

Please reach out to us at help@misstic.com if there is anything we can help you with!
We hope to hear from you soon :)