Misstic continues to design next generation tools to support clients' styling goals. Furthermore, Misstic’s sophisticated research and development team consists of exceptionally qualified scientists and engineers who work around the clock to produce game changing products and technology for the hair and beauty industry.



Advanced Digital Temperature

Misstic hair stylers use digital displays to indicate the exact iron temperature. Selected models have up to 27 temperature settings. Accurate temperature control reduces hair damage and frizz while electric control gives effective motor performance and better longevity.

Nano-pearl Coating Material

As the name Nano-pearl™ suggests, misstic implements the use of nano technology with real pearls to enhance the heating plates endurance and smoothness. Feel the difference of how effortlessly you can style your hair!

Heatsense Infra-Red Technology

Heatsense™ Infrared Ray provides faster heat penetration through the hair from the outer surface to the cortex, saving time and the integrity of hair strands. Thermal conduction creates a uniform temperature inside and out leaving less frizz and friction damage while sanitizing the hair. Damage to the cuticle layer is also minimized by the elimination of internal and external chafing of the hair. And because it keeps the desired temperature constant with no sudden fluctuations, it leaves the hair resilient with detoxifying and deodorizing effects.


Patented Tri-plate heating technology provides 3x the smoothing power than other irons available today. Our Patented technology features two separate heating elements, positioned in the top plate to generate 2x the heat, while the bottom plate hosts its own separate heating element. A true innovation in professional hair styling.

Automatic Rotating Iron

Misstic Professional's 2 in 1 Hair Curler provides a fully automatic rotating iron with a quick press of a button. The automatic rotation makes hair styling extremely easy and beginner-friendly, you can now focus your attention on styling rather than having to manually rotate the iron at the same time.

Global Voltage

All of Misstic Professional's stylers are suitable for Global Voltage from 100V to 240V. You can carry your styler anywhere around the world without having to worry about voltage issues.